Gavin McTeer

About Gavin: Gavin is the Trail Manager for UGATA’s AmeriCorps crew. Gavin and the Crew build natural surface trails and work with State Parks in Upstate South Carolina.  He moved to Greenville after serving a year as crew leader for the Palmetto Trail Corps based in Columbia.

Favorite Trail: I took a road trip through southwest Colorado with my brother to see Rocky Mountains and see what the state had to offer.  We stopped by Ouray and hiked the perimeter trail surrounding the town and I loved it!  The upper cascade trail gives a beautiful view of 7 waterfalls and provides a good challenge.  It was my favorite experience during the trip and I await the opportunity to visit again.
Why I support UGATA: When I joined AmeriCorps I was ready to shake things up in my life.  My year as a trailbuilder led to several realizations as to what I wanted to do professionally.  The trailbuilding profession is full of so many awesome individuals who are passionate about the outdoors and excited to work.  The hikers you meet are always happy to see you and happy to be hiking their favorite trail.  I support UGATA because our mission to engage the community in hiking, biking, and being outside more will make people happier and healthier.