Lakeside Park

Status: First phase completed; more miles to build!

The Lakeside Park trail project is a huge win for the Upstate, especially for the underserved neighborhood where it is located.  Already, local residents are out walking and riding their bikes in the woods and the trails have become a primary practice location for the Upstate Shredders, a local youth mountain biking team.  As part of the trail building project, volunteers removed more than three tons of garbage from the woods, returning the area to a beautiful natural state.  This public-private partnership between Greenville County and UGATA’s alliance members is a great example of what UGATA does best:  getting things done!  If you’d like to come check it out, look for the entrance near the basketball courts at Lakeside Park.  And, if you’d like to help extend the trail farther, please consider a donation to UGATA:  We hope to create five more miles of trail in Lakeside Park in the next year!