Rad Rabbit (Section I)

Status: Under Construction

UGATA, in partnership with Greenville County Rec, is constructing a ~800 linear foot “single track sidewalk” to parallel the Green Line of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. This is the first section of the Rad Rabbit Trail which UGATA hopes will parallel many portions of the Swamp Rabbit.


Modeled after similar single track sidewalks in Colorado and Arkansas, this trail will be designed for riders of all levels to enjoy a natural surface trail and develop enthusiasm and skills for off-road cycling. In particular, this trail idea is modeled off the success of the All American Trail in Bentonville AR. This trail will include rollers, tabletops, and berms to introduce new users to the basics of off-road cycling while providing more experienced users the opportunity to hone their skills.

UGATA is donating labor and materials for the construction of this trail which should be complete in early June.