Spiderweb Map

Status: In Progress

UGATA is working to create a comprehensive, interactive map of all the high quality trails and greenways in the Upstate and show the areas where our network can be improved and expanded.

What is this map going to show?

Our map will have three layers:

1) A layer that shows all the existing protected multi-use paths in the Upstate. This includes greenways like the Swamp Rabbit Trail and the Doodle Trail.

2) A layer that shows all the protected multi use paths that are a part of government approved plans like Bike/Ped plans and transportation plans but have not been built yet. Each of the trails on this map will provide a link to the plan that approved these trails.

3) A layer that shows trails which UGATA believes are necessary to achieve a high quality network. These ideas might come from UGATA staff or they might be ideas brought forward by alliance members. This is a collaborative layer so please reach out if you know of a good place for a future trail.

Why is UGATA taking on this project?

Great question! First off, people really love maps. Any conversation about a trail that doesn’t have a map to help is like swimming upstream. We will be providing a tool that facilitates an easier conversation about any existing or future trail in the Upstate. Second, it is great to have a picture to help everyone see the potential in the Upstate that UGATA sees. There are so many opportunities that it can be difficult to keep track! This will help organize what projects are done, projects that are being completed and projects that need a little more attention.

Why include trails that have not been built yet?

Layer 2 is incredibly important to this project.  You might recognize that sometimes there is a disappointing trend where local governments will spend public money to plan trails but will not follow through in funding the building of these trails. Great ideas are often stuck in the pages of a rarely read plan with little hope of being completed. By connecting these plans to the citizens that want them, UGATA hopes to help take these trails from the page and put them on the ground.