Amy Ryberg Doyle

About Amy: Amy served on Greenville City Council for 12 years advocating for mobility infrastructure (roads, bike lanes, trails) and parks greenspace for the Upstate.  She has worked in the internet space and ecommerce. Locally, she has served on a variety of boards for organizations such as Meals on Wheels, The Children’s Museum, SCTAC, Palmetto Cycling Coalition, The YMCA, and Bike Walk Greenville.  

Favorite Trail or Greenway: The Rainbow Falls hike at Pisgah is probably my favorite hike.  My youngest child did it when he was just four years old and adamant not to be carried.  My husband and I promised TWO (not one!) ice creams if he finished.  He was so tired that he slept the entire way home. 

Why I Support UGATA: I believe a healthy mind, healthy heart and healthy body all make up for a good life.  I advocate sports for children because I know what exercise and sports do for me personally.  If people are given the opportunity to run, walk, or bike their lives will be so much healthier.