Pump City

Status: In Progress
UGATA is partnering with Pump City to help bring a high quality pump track to Greenville.

SRT/Hwy 253 Underpass

Status: In progress
UGATA is exploring a new route of the Swamp Rabbit Trail to avoid the dangerous crossing of highway 253!

Removal of bollards from Swamp Rabbit Trail in City of Greenville

Status: In progress
UGATA assisted our partner the City of Greenville in bringing the Swamp Rabbit Trail in the city limits into compliance with best practices under the Federal Highway Administration.

Orange Line of the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Status: 1 mile completed Dec 2019
Our founding project, the one that birthed UGATA!

Main St/Stone Ave Green Paint​

Status: Temporarily on hold due to COVID
Large, busy intersections can be a dangerous and foreboding obstacle for urban cyclists and pedestrians. 

Lakeside Park

Status: Completed!
The Lakeside Park trail project is a huge win for the Upstate, especially for the underserved neighborhood where it is located. 

Troop 19 Trail

Status: Completed!
There is an exciting network of soft-surface trails next to the Greenville Zoo in Cleveland Park.  But by 2018, the trails had become unusable due to overgrown vegetation and many fallen trees.