Andre Richburg

About Andre: Andre picked up the bike and hiking boots again around the year 2000 as a lifestyle to share and emulate with his young family. Outside activities became a sustenance to complement youth sports and for total development and family enjoyment. His family consists of Amani, Ayana and Rosalynn. A Morehouse Man, Andre resides in Greenville County where he is native. His vocational experiences include banking, sales, financial services, risk management and real estate. Among others, Andre is passionate about supporting opportunities for others, sustainable nutrition, traveling, cycling and sharing with family. Andre is a consummate wanderer.

Favorite Greenway or Trail: Having experienced various trails and greenways around the United States, I favor trails and greenways for the purpose of taking the path less traveled. Off the beaten path is where I find wonder and communion with God. Off of the grid of streets and roads presents opportunities for most to enjoy the joy of mobility and the splendor of creation, various levels of challenge to encourage overall wellness. I want to see trails and greenways as different, not comparative. Though, there is much to learn in best practices.

Why I Support UGATA: I am grateful for David Taylor recommending me to the Board based on his discernment through observation and our relationship. Indeed, the mission and aspirations of UGATA align with my interests and vision. I hope to add value to UGATA as a resource and advocate. I envision the accomplishments of UGATA spilling over into creation of greenways connecting Greenville to Columbia revitalizing the US Highway routes robbed of economic vitality by the interstate highway diversion. I am encouraged by UGATA connecting the Upstate by trails and greenways making it a great place to live, work and play.