Nathan Galbreath- President

About Nathan: Nathan serves as UGATA’s board chairman.  He is also the Managing Partner of Nelson & Galbreath, LLC, a real estate closing law firm.  A lifetime lover of outdoor recreation, Nathan spends as much time in the woods and on trails as he can.  His favorite co-adventurers are his wife, Mary Beth, and his three kids.  For Nathan, UGATA is a perfect blend of things he knows and loves:  trails and greenways, public-private partnerships (he was a political science major at Furman University), and real estate law.

Favorite Greenway or Trail: My favorite greenway has to be the Nicholtown connector to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is densely shaded, creekside, has good elevation gain, boasts interesting scenery and, best of all, it serves as an important connector for neighborhoods that are not otherwise linked to each other via city streets.  As for soft-surface trails, the string of trails that circumnavigate Dupont State Forest in Cedar Mountain, NC is currently my favorite trail because it is multi-use (runners, horses, bikers, walkers, waterfall viewers, etc.) and because it has so many sensory surprises packed into the perfect distance for a weekend morning.

Why I Support UGATA: On its website, UGATA has something called the “Wheel of Benefits” that lays out why trails and greenways are so important for our communities.  That graphic really embodies why I am so passionate about UGATA.  Trails and Greenways provide myriad benefits for EVERYONE in our community.  There is simply no public project that provides a greater return on investment than a linear park (a/k/a trails and greenways).  And these investments keep paying dividends in perpetuity.  Even before UGATA came to be, there was already a groundswell of passion in our community for building more trails and greenways.  I support UGATA because UGATA is putting that passion into implementation and action.  UGATA is a doer, not a talker.  I love that.